Monday, September 28, 2009

Hiram & Permelia's Ohio Children's Birthplaces

Hiram Miles – Welshfield, Ohio 1821
Nancy Bascom – Welshfield, Ohio 1824
Ann Harrington – Bundysburg, Ohio 1825
Permelia Mindwell – Farmington, Ohio 1825 (Note Date)
Lysander – Parkman, Ohio 1827
Moses Bundy – Parkman, Ohio 1831
Maria – Bundysburg, Ohio 1832
William Wallace – Parkman, Ohio 1832
Moroni – Parkman, Ohio 1834
Louisa – Kirtland, Ohio 1835
Lovira – Nauvoo, Illinois 1839

It is obvious, original dates of birth or deaths,  need further document verification.  Any documentation that can be shared for this public blog for the descendants of Hiram's family, would be wonderful.  I will add it for all to note and add upon their records.

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  1. I believe Ann and Permelia are indeed TWINS.
    I believe there were medical concerns at the time of their delivery, as to the separate birth locations for each child. Assuming Farmington was where the doctor was located to help deliver the second child. She may have delivered the first child in Bundysburg with family (another sister of Permeila's perhaps).

    Louisa was born in Kirtland, Ohio, I wonder if Louisa is a twin sister to a twin brother that died at birth, died as a stillborn. The twin brother likely died first, then Permelia delivered the second child which would have been Louisa. Guess is he is buried in Kirtland, when they lived there. No formal burial. Season seems Fall or Spring.