Sunday, July 14, 2013

Illinois Period 1838-1846

As indicated in "the Family Record of Hiram and Permelia Dayton"

"We finally landed at the Mississippi River opposite Quincy, Illinois. We remained there about two weeks in which time I was able to walk with a little help. We then went to Nauvoo. The whole camp of us and the most part of the Saints at the Mississippi River were penniless and nothing to help themselves with, there may have been a few exceptions. Some few of the Saints got able to put in a little garden, same wore able to break up land and put in some crops. After remaining there six weeks I recovered myself so as to be able to go to work. I built a good outstanding house, bought a piece of land from the government. (80 acres) With the help of my boys we put sixty acres under improvements. I bought ten acres of land from Hiram Kimball, and built three good houses and was prosperous in every thing I went into.
We remained there and helped build up that city and the Temple, until the mob came upon us. Not being able to sell anything, I left my property in the hands of Hiram Kimball, the original owner of the land, for to sell and do the best he could for me. He sold the property for houses and lots in the city of Boston, Mass. He afterwards took the Overland Mail. But I could collect nothing from him. Before taking the mail, he sold the property in Boston, bought with my lands, for $4,000, which was a dead loss to me. It was at the time when the property was worth three times the amount

The time when he was sick, he felt very close to the veil of death, this is where he learned to exhibit more faith and letting go, trusting more in the hand of God's will, regardless of his own desires.
Truly letting the spirit flow in such a pure way that he sincerely learns "thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven".  That experience prepared him to become a wonderful patriarch in Alpine Valley, Utah.  This was really important in his life as to further prepare the way for the Lord as an instrument in His hands.

Permelia was on the trail with him, walking all the way, rest where it was needed. She was very concerned for his health as well.  She prayed and prayed alot, not wanting to lose her husband knowing the death of her children this was hard.  She fasted for him.  She had a few experiences that helped her know the gospel was true and help sustain her through these trials of life.  It was hard for her when she lost here children and tried all she could to save them.  She had to exhibit faith in the Lord knowing his will was to be done. She truly learned what the Lord giveth the can taketh away.  She had a broken heart when she lost her children, and took alot of pride in being a mother.  Loved to teach them and be brought up properly in society, manners, spiritual righteousness, domestic knowledge.  Hiram was a very loving man but was not always easy to live with, as he expected alot of his children, they balanced each other out.  Giving and taking where it was needed to help her family.

Trial by faith.  He said that and many many more, in fact yo can ask request, upon many more of them becuase of his faithfulness that he lead beauce of his example, those blessings are passed down to us, if we have certain blessings we request, and with in the lOrd will, because of Hiram they shald be granted.  He jsut tol her that theres a reason, that Joseph smith, when he congratualted her, is becuase of Hirams request because of the time when he spent with him, given her abilites and faith,
She wont be able to see Joseph any more after Krtland.   The role he plays with his descendants is even more important, now as he is in heaven,  They are still trying to pray for us and pleade for us to taech the gospel to our familes.   there is nto much of a barrier as we think here.   The veil for me,  i find the same stories thru technology, and I have a gift to find.   They actually assist in that.   the spirit of elijak presides with me.

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