Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mission Call Hiram Dayton and Lysander Dayton

Hiram Dayton [Age 46] was called to serve in the OHIO MISSION with his son Lysander Dayton [Age 17].
15 April 1844

"We publish the names of the Elders who are appointed to several states, together with their appointments.  Those who are numbered with the figures 1 and 2 will take the presidency of the several states to which they are appointed

Lorenzo Snow was listed as 1,  
L. Brooks was listed as 2 
 along with 39 other men called to the OHIO MISSION. 

"Those Elders who are numbered in the foregoing list to preside over the different states will appoint conferences in all places in their several states where opportunities  present, and will attend all the conferences, or send experienced and able Elders, who will preach the truth of righteousness, and present before the people, "General Smith's Views of the Power and Policy of the General Government," and seek diligently to get electors who will go for him for the Presidency.  All the Elders will be faithful in preaching the Gospel in its simplicity and beauty, in all meekness, humility, long-suffering and prayerfulness; and the Twelve will devote the season to traveling, and will attend as many conferences as possible...."  Brigham Young, President

SOURCE: History of the Church, Joseph Smith, Volume 6, Chapter XVI., Page 334, 335, 337.

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