Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ages of the Family Members When Joseph Came to Visit Parkman, Ohio in 1832

Six children were born (Hiram Miles (age 11), Nancy Bascom (age 8), Ann Harrington (age 7), Permelia Mindwell (age 7), Lysander (age 5), Moses Bundy (age 1) before Hiram (age 34) and his family were to meet the Prophet Joseph Smith. Permelia (age 33) was 4-5 months pregnant with their seventh child, at the time Joseph came to visit in the cold February of 1832.  Lake Erie by this time is often frozen a couple feet deep.  The winds off the lake are frigid.  To travel outdoors as they did, by foot, horse or carriage, needed clothing that would block the winds as well as the cold.   Notice also the distance Permelia had to travel to deliver her babies, and how many times she went back to the same mid-wife noting by the location of where each child was born.  Twins would have been difficult to deliver away from home, especially in two places,  Notice how they were both born in different locations. One in Bundysburgh (Ann Harrington) and the other (Permelia Mindwell) was born in Farmington Ohio.  I am wondering if there is a clerical error in the birth dates.

Events Locally, Completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1832 transformed Cleveland from a frontier community to a commercial center at the head of an important waterway connecting the Ohio River and Lake Erie. 

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