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Dayton Family Account in Kirtland, Ohio

"Behold, thus saith the Lord your God unto you, O ye elders of my achurch, hearken ye and hear, and receive my will concerning you."  Doctrine and Covenants 64:1

These are the words Hiram heard concerning the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the late winter of 1832.  For the first time in his life, Hiram met a prophet of the Lord, the Prophet Joseph Smith.  He carried about him such a powerful presence of authority, unlike any other man, that he found himself wanting to know all he had to say.  Soon thereafter, by the power of the Holy Ghost, Hiram and his family felt strongly this was the right religion to raise their large family by and follow the Prophet Joseph Smith. On February 18, 1832 they were baptized.
Since the saints were gathering in Kirtland, Ohio, just 27 miles ways by carriage and horse, they chose to sell their acres of farm land there in Parkman, Ohio and move to Kirtland.  Living in Parkman was a challenge, in fact, living any where was a challenge for the saints, but to believe in somethings so right, with such conviction, they endured and did all they could to remain true to the faith.  By 1834, they settled with the saints in Kirtland.  Hiram and his boys were hard working men, to cut up new land was no small task, to work for the church in preparing for the Lords first temple as inspired was much harder.  His wife, Permelia, had just given birth to Moroni and was laden with child another child when they moved further west to Kirtland, later known as Lousia (dau.).
Six years later from his baptismal date in 1832, Hiram was ordained a Seventy.  He did all that he was required to do in Kirtland to build up the foundation of the church as we know it today.

As quoted in from the pages of "The Family Record of Hiram Dayton and Permelia Bundy Dayton"

"I received the Gospel of the Latter Day Saints in the year 1832. Myself and wife were baptized by the Prophet Joseph Smith. I was at that time living at Parkman, Ohio. My persecutions were so heavy that I could not live there long. My friends and neighbors destroyed my property, and twice laid plans to take my life. When I left Parkman with my wife and nine children, I was forced to sell my farm for $500, It was sold three years later for $5,000.
Then I moved to Kirtland, Ohio where I opened up a farm and put it under cultivation. I broke up sixty acres and put a double ditch around the whole farm. My farm was valued at $1,000. I built a good house and set out a good orchard. I then built me a house in the city of Kirtland costing $800. also built a good frame barn, clap boarded and finished off in the best style, valued at $300. I then set out an orchard of all kinds of fruit. I took a job on Public Works to cut down the hills. The grade to run opposite the Temple, and I contracted to dig a canal to turn the Chagnan River in. This canal was for running steamboats up to Kirtland. I expended on the above work $2,000 in cash and worked my whole family for a year. Will put our labor at $500. We were driven from Kirtland and I could not accomplish all my works this was in 1836. ".

Alot of things happened in Kirtland.
This period of time they spent alot of time on building the first temple, Kirtland.

D&C...18 And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, ashall receivebhealth in their navel and marrow to their bones;."

As Hiram was working on the temple, his sons would be working the land at home, and when his boys were working to build the temple his father would be working on the temple.  He would push them harder than most boys to build strong young men.  These boys were pre teenagers but working on the farm boys started early in life to help provide.
Permelia was very busy with her many children, and very open to helping other families to service their needs. Relief Society was soon to be established in March 1842.  So in preparation the sisters were very much a support to each other.
In Kirtland the persecutions were always looming and very scary while they were building the Temple and church building.  Men would watch guard at night to protect the work in building the temple. It was their faith that got them through.    Hiram carried a dagger about him that would often rest in his boot.  His son would sometimes carry it in his belt.   We feel that Hiram was use to having a dagger about him to provide protection if needed.
Hiram was also given a special dagger by Joseph Smith, many ornate engravings were upon it, this device was uniquely blessed to provide lasting protection, as they journeyed to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Hiram was given this dagger just before he left Kirtland, knowing the upcoming persecutions would be not be any less, hoping it would be helpful in protecting his family.

While in Kirtland, he continued to earn money for his family while building the temple.  He worked by contract for the city of Kirtland as a way to bring in supplies, food and such for the future through an easier means, boat.  This was his way of contributing to the church and providing an income to his family.  This time period in Kirtland was dedicated to helping his family, and establishing a beautiful city, Kirtland. Building the temple was its crowning beauty.
 He gave all he could, and there was never a question to do it.

Spiritually, Hiram knew the Bible very well.

There was a few times where he was able to participate in the Schools of Prophets, and Joseph would teach them on the temple grounds out in the beautiful air outside instead of being cooped up in a room of men. He has also had the opportunity to participate in the School of the Prophets in the Newell K. Whitney store where Orson Pratt, Sydney Rigdon, +20 additional men met in the school. He enjoyed this very much and loved delving into questions that provoked a desire to know more.  Joseph was a man that loved to use examples to teach men the teaching of the gospel.
Joseph Smith once told Hiram that he was very keen to the spirit, and because he was a deep thinker, he could let the pride of thinking so deep, complicate the simplicity of how to truly be taught by the spirit and to practice developing the faith as a child has, how to have pure faith.

Hiram loved working along side Joseph Smith while building the temple, all working for the common cause of Zion.  Joseph Smith was a great person to work along side of, having a positive and cheerful disposition.  When Joseph spoke, he spoke with the voice of authority and the spirit of truth that penetrated ones soul to know life is all in the perspective of the creator, and to keep his eye on the bigger picture .  An unwavering faith keep him going and helped in remaining true to the faith.


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